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Enjoy the luxurious experience and watch selected cultural or sportsprogram in the privacy and comfort of the exclusive lounges with a rich choice of food and drinks for free. Use also other services of


Current hygiene measures

Conditions for entry of visitors to the O2 arena

(according to government measures valid from 1.3.2022)

Based on government measures effective March 1, 2022, 100% capacity is allowed to hold mass events. When entering the O2 arena, it is not necessary to prove that you are infected with covid-19.

NOSE AND MOUTH PROTECTION: It is still necessary to have respiratory protection inside the hall in accordance with the current regulations (eg respirator, nano drape).


Your services in the very heart of Prague

It ensures all-inclusive service of choosing and ordering tickets for cultural events, including other activities in Prague.

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music Concerts & Performances Watched from a unique private location, free hot and cold delicacies from the kitchen
hockey Ice hockey matches Experience it “at full blast“ thanks to the privacy, and the services in your residence – the SkyBox
sport Sports action You can enjoy an unprecedented view in the SkyBox, as well as free refreshments